Get to sleep fast card for the Gratitude Game Box

Would you like to get to sleep fast and stay asleep?

Are you one of the many people who have problems getting to sleep and then staying asleep?

Can you be crazy tired in the evening, falling asleep in your chair?  But as soon as you get into bed are your eyes wide open, on stalks with no chance of getting to sleep?

Or do you wake up in the early hours, worrying about problems that seemed unsurmountable at 3am but at 8am are quite figureoutable.

Take courage.

Over the years I’ve learned many things to help me get to sleep fast. Some  from experts* and some other ways I have found quite by accident!

To Begin.

Get Ready.

Open up your How to get to sleep fast card.

First steps. Most sleep experts* agree, prior and proper preparation plays a part in getting a good nights sleep.Drink coffee in the morningDuring the day,

1. Cut down on caffeine in coffee, tea and energy drinks. If you can’t cut it out altogether, limit caffeine to the mornings and maybe lunch time. Find an alternative drink for the afternoon and evening. I drink hot water and herbal teas.

2. Have a look at what you are eating. Reduce the foods that may stop you sleeping. My suspects are cheese, wheat, sugar and unfortunately chocolate! But we are all different. Find out what your sleep stealers are.

I found mine by cutting out the suspect foods for a week or so then gradually introduced them back in again to see what a difference it made. No more cheese sandwiches followed by tea and chocolate biscuits  for me!

3. Exercise. Outside if possible. I try and walk from between half an hour and an hour a day outdoors. Plus I do a dance routine that I follow online once or twice a week or if the weather is really bad. Decide what form of exercise you could fit into your day.

4. Fresh air. In the evening I open my window for a time and get a change of air into my room. I live near a busy road so it’s a bit noisy to have my window open all night. How long would you like yours open for?

5. The experts* also recommend a warm (not too hot) shower or bath before bed. Apparently our body temperature needs to drop a little when we sleep. Have the water just warm enough to be relaxing but not so hot it turns you pink!

6. Cool head, warm feet. Some people have warm feet and some cold! Mine are of the cold variety and I wear bed socks and also treat myself to a hot water bottle if they feel really cold. What do your feet need, warming up or cooling down?

7. Have a note book and pen close to your bed so if you are worried about anything you can write it down. Sort of put the worry to bed itself and say “I’ll sort you out in the morning.” (Also don’t forget the power of prayer, talk over your concerns with a higher authority, your creator).

8. Turn off all your devices! Phone, iPad and TV. That’s why you need the written How to get to sleep fast card. Not a video or audio.

Write down your concerns

If it helps set an alarm to get ready for sleep, don’t let 11 o’clock suddenly creep up on you and still be scrolling through Facebook.

Get Steady

Breath, breath deeply.

This is one of the things that I found out quite by chance a few years ago!

My grandson, at 11 0’clock one night, decided that he wanted to join his sisters and their friends in a sleepover in the front room. He has his own all in one sleeping bag and airbed but it needed blowing up!

His mum was fast asleep upstairs after a heavy day and I knew that using the electric air pump would wake her up. It is so noisy!

The only option  was to blow it up for him myself. It isn’t very big. So I thought, here goes!

I took a deep breath and blew into it very hard. Using my lungs and diaphragm.

Surprisingly it expanded quickly. I kept going. Breathing in and blowing out into the airbed as hard as I could.

Soon the bed was ready for the little chap and I left him giggling and whispering with the girls.

But I thought to myself, I am never going to get to sleep.

I had taken in so much oxygen, blowing up that airbed, I was light headed!

The strange thing is though, I fell asleep almost immediately and had one of the best nights sleep in a long time, sleeping all through the night. What a strange thing!

The next day I checked this out on the internet.

There were hundreds of pages teaching different breathing methods to get to sleep.

From ones taught to SAS officers to sleep in battle conditions to ones used by Tibetan Monks.

There was the 4 – 7 – 8 Technique. Box Method and the Alternate Nasal Technique! Plus many more.

So to add to the list, there is now Wendy’s “Blow up your grandsons airbed method!”


Breath in deeply through your nose and then blow out through your mouth, using your lungs and diaphragm. At least 4 times or you could go up to 20. (You will probably be yawning by 3). Blow up that airbed!


Ponder over how grateful you are to be in a safe sheltered place.

Think about how comfortable you bed is. Get those pillows adjusted just as you like them.

A comfy bed with plump pillowsSay and repeat.

I am so happy and grateful to be in this wonderful warm (or cool), comfortable bed. Repeat at least 4 times.

At this moment in time I have everything that I need. I am safe. Thank you. Repeat at least 4 times and believe it to be true.

Now is the time to tell your MIND what to think. It will believe what you tell it, repetition is the key.

My shoulders are down. I am so relaxed.  Repeat 6 times.

It’s time to sleep. Repeat x 6

Now I am ready to sleep, a deep healing refreshing sleep. Repeat x 6

I am asleep. I am asleep. I am asleep ……………………………………

After saying and truly believing the affirmations you will fall asleep and sleep deeply all through the night until the next morning

Bonus tip for how to get to sleep fast.

If you have got this far and are not already asleep, here is something that rarely fails me.

With your eyelids closed, look up and count for about 10 seconds and then look down. (Still keeping your eyelids closed).How to get to sleep fast bonus

Imagine that you are at the seaside. You’ve been for a swim in the sea and you are now lying on the soft bed of your beach cottage.

It’s warm, a light breeze comes through the window, gently parting the curtains.

You feel safe. Everything is well with the world.

The light is fading.

You can hear the sound of the waves gently coming up the beach as the tide rolls in.

The sound of water moving over sand and stones.

As you breath in, draw the waves towards you. Watch them gently come closer.

As you breath out, let the waves gently slip away. Listen to the sound. Feel the cool breeze.

As you breath in draw the waves towards you. Watch them and listen to the sound.

As you breath out let the waves slip away.

Each time you breath in the waves gradually come closer. As you breath out the waves slip away again until you drift off to sleep.


Download the PDF

Keep it in your Gratitude Game Box next to your bed ready to use.

Every night when you do these techniques they will become more familiar.

As soon as I start doing the deep breathing now, I yawn! My body begins to get ready to bring on sleep.

Each time you do this practice you will be able to feel the gratitude more deeply.

Gratitude game box How to get to sleep fast card



Through repeating the affirmations over and over again, your conscious brain and your subconscious will be more aligned*, taming those negative and argumentative thoughts.

Sleepless nights of worry will be a thing of the past.

Each night you can have hours of deep, restorative, health giving sleep. Ready to face whatever the day may bring.

Sending you much love and thank you for coming on this journey with me,


Creator of the Gratitude Game Box

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* Some how to get to sleep fast experts who I have learned from.

Marisa Peer. Author and Therapist

Dr Gregor. Doctor, Author, Scientist and Nutritionist.

Dr Joe Dispenza. Author. The science of changing your mind.

Jason Stevenson. YouTuber. Sleep meditations.

Wim Hof. “The Iceman.” Breathing. The Wim Hof method book and App.