We have so many methods of communication open to us when we are thinking of how to say thank you. We are no longer limited to pen and paper and snail mail. 

There is even an app now that will write and deliver a card for you. How amazing. 

  1. Send a text message
  2. An email..
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Hand draw a card. (Or print off the “All in one, inside out card” from the Free Starter Kit downloads)
  5. Make a phone call
  6. Write a letter 

Guide for writing a thank you note

for a specific gift or event.

Start with the opening phrase

  • Thank you for the ……. 
  • I am so grateful for …….. 
  • I really appreciate the …… 

Whatever it was, be specific,

“Thank you for the useful gift” just does not cut it! 

  • The gorgeous cosy bedsocks 
  • The amazing dinner last night 
  • Looking after the kids while I had a job interview 
  • Your warm friendship and just being there for me when I need advice. 

Tell them why you are so grateful,

The difference it is going to make. 

  • I wore the bedsocks last night and my feet were so warm I dropped off to sleep straight away. 
  • Delicious food, warm company, cold beer. A night to remember. 
  • Can’t tell you what a difference it made, it took away all the worry knowing that the kids were safe with you 
  • “As apples of gold in a silver carving is a word spoken at the right time for it.” (Prov 25:11) You really helped me come to the best decision by talking it through. 

Finish with

  • I will think about you every time my feet snuggle into those soft warm socks. 
  • I will be in touch soon to fix a date for you to come over to ours for a meal. 
  • Please let me know if I can return the favour anytime and look after your kids. It made such a difference to me. 
  • If ever you need someone to talk to – be a sounding board, please call. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate you giving me your time. 

Sign it off;

Depending on how close you are 

  • Loads of love ……. 
  • Looking forward to seeing you soon ….. 
  • See you soon, with many many thanks. Love ……. 
  • With very best wishes and many thanks ……… 

Send it as soon as you can.

Immediately is best. But later is better than never. 

Be prepared.

Always have Thank You” cards and stamps in your Gratitude Game Box. Print off the “All in One, Inside Out” card from the free down loads. 

Send an email, text or call straight away. But I think a hand written card , through the letter box, wins hands down when it comes to showing appreciation! 

Say thank you for love!

Have you ever thanked that special person. The one who has made the most difference in your life. 

Say thank you before it is too late

Just to say thank you to someone who has shown you love. 

Don’t wait for the times when it is expected, when you feel you have to send a card because it is the custom like birthdays and Christmas. Just do it out of love and appreciation. 

If you are fortunate enough to have parents or grandparents alive contact all of them! 

Even if you see them every day,

Or have not spoken for some time or even years, do it without expecting a reply (or a reconciliation if that’s what’s needed). Just do it from the generosity of your heart. 

I am so glad that I wrote to my mother

To tell her how much I loved her and appreciated all that she had done for me. 

At the time I was living a hundred miles away and only saw her a few times a year. Subconsciously I must have thought that she was looking a bit frail and I took the time to write about some of the things she and my dad had done in the past that were so special to me and my sisters. 

She was brilliant at sewing!

When I was at art collage in the late 1960s, I would go home on a Friday evening with a copy of Vogue Magazine. My mum would look at the outfits in it and make me one, just like in the photographs, ready to wear back to collage on the Monday morning! 

I’m so glad I did write,

Because a few months after, my mum was taken ill. By the time I had driven to the hospital she was drifting in and out of consciousness and she gradually slipped into a coma. She died a week later. 

When my sisters and I were clearing the house ready to be sold, I found a box on a little table next to her bed. There were things in it that were special to her.

Photos of her and my father when they were much younger, photos of all the grandchildren.

My fathers wedding ring, several pairs of baby shoes.

An award from Princess Anne for all her work with Riding For Disabled Children.

A string of pearls and the card that I had written. 

 I am just writing to say I love you and to say thank you for the love that you have shown to me. 

For all the times you looked after me when I was completely helpless and dependant on your loving care. 

As I grew up, you looked after me even when I argued and fought for my independence. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding, for guiding me through my teenage years. Supporting me in my interests and hobbies. 

Thank you for making sure I was always well dressed and had breakfast before I left the house. 

For welcoming my friends into the house whether you approved of them or not! 

When I was choosing a career, you spoke to that special teacher who knew me best best and encouraged me to use my talents to do what I enjoyed doing most to earn a living. 

What a blessing my life has been, spending everyday doing the things I enjoy the most. 

I just want to say thank you for giving me life itself. A safe secure house to grow up in, sacrificing your own time and needs and putting us kids first. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I love you.” 

Don’t underestimate how much it will mean to someone if you send them your love and appreciation. 

I hope this has helped you in “How To Say Thank You.