Hand made book marks ready for writing a thank you message

The bookmarks I am thinking of are not easy to buy because you need to be able to write on the back. So, how to say thank you with a hand made book mark?

Make book marks from saved cards.

If you have any greeting cards that you have saved because you love the pictures these would be fabulous. 

Cut the cards up into bookmark shapes, about 8 inches high by 2 inches wide (20 x 5.5 cm). Punch a hole in the centre at the bottom and thread through and knot a piece of ribbon for some tails

Cutting a card to make a thank you bookmark

Print some book marks.

If you would like some to print off, find them in the Gratitude Game Box Starter Kit free downloads. 

I like to print them onto a plain white, light weight card (from the art supply section in the £ shop) or any art or paper supply shop. One sheet makes 5 bookmarks. 

  • To make your bookmarks super powerful, take a piece of regular plain paper and fold it in half, then each half 3 times, then stick it to the back of your bookmark so it fits like a chunky fan. 
  • The downloadable print out has a second page to go with the book marks 

Use a hole punch to make a hole in the centre at the bottom and thread through and knot a piece of thin ribbon for some tails.

A thank you card with an extension for real appreciation

Design and draw your own hand made book mark!

Fantastic your book marks are now ready to be written. To give to yourself,  to friends or to any one who you want to say thank you to. 

How to play the Gratitude Game Box – Book Mark Game 

This can be for one player, two players or as many people as you have bookmarks for! 

One player.

If it is for one player, write on the back of your bookmark the things that come to mind, that you are especially grateful for about you, yourself! 

  • How I have always been there for me, in the dark hours when there is no one else. 
  • I love the way I iron my T shirts and fold them neatly before putting them away in the drawer 
  • For making the best cup of tea, like no one else can and nearly always having my favourite biscuits in the tin. 

Two players.

For a couple, write on the back of a bookmark, 

To ———– Thank you and write about the things for which you are especially grateful for about that player. Things they have said or done that you appreciate. 

When you have finished writing, exchange the bookmarks and it is yours to keep and treasure. For a couple the expanding bookmark is especially powerful. 

Three or more players.

For 3 or more players, write one players name at the top, one for each of the other players. (Don’t forget to write your name at the bottom before you exchange bookmarks). 

  • (Each player will need a bookmark for each of the other players! If you have say 4 people playing each player will need 3 bookmarks to write on). 

A bookmark is not only something you can send as a gift to someone just because you love them. It can be a way of thanking someone for a special kindness and also a game to play with family and friends. 

Print off some spares, some for you and some ready to send. Keep them in your Gratitude Game Box. 

Hand made book marks

For more hand made thank you gifts and gratitude games go to the gratitudegamebox.com for more ideas and free printables. 

How to say thank you with a hand made book mark.