Gratitude game box mini baskets

The Gratitude Game box mini basket to say thank you in a really special way. 

First make your basket.

You will need; 

  • Paper, a light weight card is best. I like to get mine from our local £ shop. It comes in a pack of 20 sheets and includes 4 different colours. You can find light weight card though in any stationary shop or any supermarket with a stationary department. 
  • Scissors 
  • Stapler and staples. The smaller the better, it’s a bit tricky to get inside the basket with a big office stapler! Most stationary shops sell them. 
  • Glue, Pritt Stick is ideal as it doesn’t make the paper soggy and it gives you a chance to move your piece if you don’t get it right first time.
  • Tissue paper for lining and wrapping 

Cutting out the baskets and flowers

How to make your mini basket; 

  • You will need the basket base and basket handle. Choose which attachments you would like.
  • Pictured here are the camellia flower and leaf and a thank you gift tag. Enough to make 2 baskets. You will also find a butterfly and name tag in the downloads 

Baskets a flower and a tag ready to assemble

  1. Fold the sides up on the base and staple together. (You will find more details in the downloads)
  2. Put a crease along the centre line of the leaf and stem.
  3. Curl each petal of the camellia with the back of the scissors.

Folding the basket base and flower pieces

  1. Staple the handle to both sides of the base. 
  2. Stack the petals. The bottom two sets of petals curve downwards, the lower one slightly more curved than the top one of the two. 

The middle sized petals face upwards, the petals of the top one slightly more curved than the bottom. 

Place the two small sets of petals on top. The topmost one being the most curled. 

  1. When you think they look good, put a bit of glue on the centre of each petal section and stick the flower together. Awesome, you are nearly there!

One basket a tag and flower assembled.

  1. Staple the assembled flower and leaf to the basket handle.
  2. Make the stamens for the flower by rolling up the strip of yellow card and stick it over the staple. And that’s it, your basket and flower is now complete.

Paper camellia flower.

Your basket is now ready to fill. A mini basket filled with 3 chocolate truffles, individually wrapped in purple tissue paper. 

For more projects to fill your Gratitude Game Box got to

The one with a thank you tag, has 3 mini scrolls, hand written with personal expressions of gratitude and tied with narrow gold ribbon, for a very special person.

Little presents with a flower and a gift tag.

What will you put in yours? 

Tiny home made biscuits with little messages?

A piece of jewellery?

Home made sweets or my absolute favourite, home made fudge? Mmmmmm.

Bouquet garni made from herbs grown in your own garden?

Hand collected packet of seeds?

Seed bomb all ready to plant?

Embroidered handkerchief? 

Fill your basket with little cut out hearts, flowers and stars each with a tiny message 

Make it special and personal, really put some thought into what this person really likes and appreciates. If they are cutting down on sugar, don’t give chocolates! 

(For home made bookmarks to make for yourself or give as gifts follow the link to BOOKMARKS

Three chocolate truffles wrapped in tissue paper.

The mini basket.

A truly awesome personal thank you gift to make yourself